With her strong work ethic, Elan dedicates her time into generating leads while cultivating both on-premise and off-premise accounts.  She works directly with buyers at key accounts throughout the greater Bay Area.  Elan is able to build upon a decades worth of experience within the wholesale wine world, while continually developing her business connections and sales relationships.

With a keen eye, Elan has been able to artfully direct the development of new wine brands, from the choice in packaging to the presenting the finished products to buyers.  After working with hundreds of imported and domestic wines ranging in price and style, Elan has developed a well-rounded sales experience and can assist in any type of sales need for any brand.  


Whatever your wholesale wine sales goals, Elan will foster your brand throughout the sales process by creating sales pipelines and supporting buyer relationships through which wines and revenue flow.

Elan Jayme

Wholesale Management

Elan Jayme has extensive experience in business management.  With her specialty in marketing,wholesale and direct-to-trade sales.  She is a results-driven, business professional with a hands-on approach to product branding, development, and marketing from concept to retail distribution and sales.